Mimi Zhu


Mimi Zhu (they/them) is a queer Chinese-Australian immigrant based in Los Angeles and New York. They are a Gemini, writer, artist, and community organiser. They are dedicated to exploring the intersections and iterations of love and fear. Mimi also works for an organisation called Young New Yorkers and facilitates writing and art therapy workshops for formerly arrested youth in New York City.

Their life changed when their work was shared by Comrade Britney, and since then has been featured by the New York Times, PAPER Magazine, Guardian, SLATE, Artnet, NME, Bustle, JacobinMag, them., The Fader, INSIDER, VICE. They also write a monthly newsletter called WRITE, TO HEAL that includes essays, prompts, and curated playlists. Their joy in life is sharing reflections and wisdom with the world, and seeing how their words resonate with people in their spirits.

Their first book, BE NOT AFRAID OF LOVE, is forthcoming from Penguin in August 2022.

Be Not Afraid Of Love