Baker Creek Seed Co.


Jere Gettle printed the first Baker Creek Heirloom Seed catalog in 1998 at the age of seventeen. Since then, the brand has grown into the largest independent heirloom seed company in North America and offers nearly 2,000 varieties of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Baker Creek Heirloom Seed has been featured in The New York Times, The Associated Press, Oprah Magazine, NPR, Martha Stewart, The Wall Street Journal, and many others. Baker Creek started hosting festivals in 2000 as a way to bring gardeners, homesteaders, and natural food enthusiasts together to exchange ideas and seeds, to listen to speakers, and to enjoy vendors, old-time music and much more. Over the last several years, Jere Gettle and his wife Emilee have published two books with Hyperion, Heirloom Life Gardener and The Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook, which feature heirloom vegetables and their work with seeds and food.

Heirloom Life Gardener

The Baker Creek Vegan Cookbook